Eat Seafood America! A Campaign to Increase Seafood Consumption Amid a National Meat Shortage

With headlines of meat shortages strewn throughout the news, many Americans have started to adapt by changing their diets. In many cases, this means eating more seafood, and there is hope that even more Americans will hop on board and follow this trend. The Seafood Nutrition Partnership has created a campaign to “encourage Americans to eat seafood and buy seafood to support their personal health and for the economic health of the men and women working in our U.S. seafood economy.” This rapid-response consumer-facing campaign is a part of the Seafood4health Action Coalition with over 35 organizations involved.

The coronavirus outbreak has disrupted nearly every aspect of the seafood supply chain. With restaurants shut down, fishermen have fewer markets available in which to sell their seafood. Decreased wholesale demand has forced many processors and distributors to change the ways they are doing business. Direct to consumer models are catching on as Americans remain in their homes. As the number of people cooking for themselves grows, “there is a tremendous urgency to encourage Americans to try seafood at home,” said Andrea Albersheim, director of communications for the Seafood Nutrition Partnership.

The focus of the campaign titled “Eat Seafood America!” is to send a message to Americans that they have the opportunity to eat a healthy protein that is widely available during the COVID-19 public health crisis. By doing so consumers are helping to “boost the U.S. seafood economy, supporting the 2 million American workers in the seafood industry” said Albersheim. It’s a win-win situation.

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