National Fisheries Institute’s Dish on Fish Sponsors First-Ever National Pescatarian Month

McLEAN, Va. – Finally, pescatarians will receive the attention they deserve. National Today – the premier site for tracking food culture – has officially designated October 2020 as the country’s first-ever “National Pescatarian Month,” thanks to a partnership with the National Fisheries Institute and its blog, Dish on Fish.

“Americans love to celebrate and at NFI, we knew there was an important community being left out of the party – pescatarians,” said Judy Dashiell, the senior vice president of the National Fisheries Institute. “National Today is the curator of special days and months, so we worked with them to create National Pescatarian Month.”

Dish on Fish is a natural fit for educating consumers about the pescatarian diet,” Dashiell further explained. “We chose October because it amplifies the traditional National Seafood Month promoted by retailers and foodservice operators. During that observance, Dish on Fish will help ramp up the chatter about seafood even further with this additional designation.”

The campaign will feature nutritious, pescatarian-friendly meal plans and recipes, along with tips for simple seafood prep and cooking. “It’s important to show that seafood is delicious and simple to prepare,” Dashiell said. “Dish on Fish during the campaign will even introduce its first e-cookbook, featuring more than 30 diverse, original seafood recipes for the everyday home cook.”

She added that the e-cookbook will include a special foreword by noted chef and seafood champion Barton Seaver,

Other campaign content will educate consumers about seafood’s many health benefits, such as improved brain and heart health and reduced risks of cardiovascular disease, inflammation and depression.

Just as importantly, the National Pescatarian Month effort will be designed to be inclusive, so others may amplify the messages.

“We’ll be reaching out to NFI members, registered dieticians, lifestyle bloggers, food and health editors, and other national seafood industry groups to share information about the pescatarian diet with their respective audiences,” Dashiell confirmed.

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