ABA: Real-Time Lessons for a Next-Gen Baking Leader

It’s hard enough for industry veterans to steer baking companies through this unprecedented year, marked by pandemic, recession and national protests. The leadership challenges are even greater for younger executives without decades of experience.

One of those younger leaders is Jesse Amoroso, the 33-year-old Executive Vice President of Amoroso’s Baking Company, based in Philadelphia. He has successfully navigated through this period by staying nimble, constantly growing in his role, and strategically tapping into the wisdom and expertise of his company’s people.

“I’m trying to be as much of a sponge as possible,” he said during the American Bakers Association podcast, Bake to the Future. “I’m trying to lean on and lean into as much experience that I can get access to. We’re really trying to have as many open conversations with folks in our organization to improve what we’re doing. It’s often true that the folks doing the actual work — day in day out — are the ones who truly know the changes that need to be made.”

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