AIB International: Three Keys to Elevate Your Food Safety Culture

Conventionally, the food safety and quality department work together closely to plan and execute upon food safety goals. However, a constructive relationship and partnership with the human resources department can also be beneficial. Here are three keys HR can contribute to elevate your food safety culture.

1. Hire for Higher

The most obvious area for partnership to heighten your food safety culture is through the recruiting and hiring process. This starts with development of job descriptions, detailing the specific food safety and quality responsibilities and accountability for each employee. Through the interview process, HR can help you understand how interviewees make decisions and how they will react to policies and situations that may impact food safety and your culture. If their values don’t align with those of the culture, they may not be a good fit for the position.

By prioritizing food safety through the hiring process, HR can serve as highly visible leaders in the development and maintenance of your food safety culture. For instance, when HR understands the importance of food safety culture, that will be reflected in the way they work with new hires. By also beneficially explaining the “why” behind food safety practices, they can play a significant role in cultivating food safety among employees from day one, while then nourishing those beliefs across the organization.

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