Royal Mahout Introduces a Brand Refresh

Elizabeth, NJ — Royal Mahout celebrates the flavors of India with its handcrafted paneer and other exceptional products. The brand is excited to announce a new look and feel. Its vibrant new labels and graphics use rich colors to communicate the authentic flavor and texture of Royal Mahout Paneer cheese, ghee, basmati rice, and beyond. The new packaging will help the products, especially paneer, pop on the shelf as the bright maroon complements the fresh creamy white color of the cheese.

The rollout kicks off with a nationwide contest* for restaurants, with a grand prize winner taking home $1,000.

Expertly handcrafted Royal Mahout paneer is made with only the highest quality milk for an authentic, creamy taste and firm texture. Adding unique flavor profiles earlier this year, including Chipotle Pepper, Jalapeno, and Turmeric & Black Pepper, opens Royal Mahout paneer up to a world of culinary fusion through stir fry, tacos, or salads. Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai, Basmati Rice, and Ghee are also featured in Royal Mahout’s product portfolio.

“The new packaging balances both authenticity and modern design,” says Lynn Griffin, Senior Graphic Designer at

Atalanta Corporation. “We celebrated the elephant in our new branding, as a mahout is an elephant caretaker.”

Katie Baldwin, Senior Brand Manager at Atalanta Corporation, shared: “We‘re very excited for this refresh, especially since Royal Mahout Paneer is our bestselling cheese in the US. The new packaging delivers on consumer interest in global foods, breaks through with bold colors in the cheese case, and is timed perfectly with a surge we’re seeing in paneer recipes online.”

Available in foodservice and retail, visit the brand at its new website, and follow along with social media on Instagram @Royal_Mahout and Facebook. Their high-quality, delicious Desi products will transport your taste buds across the globe.

*terms and conditions apply, see @Royal_Mahout for more details.  Click Here to View Contest.