7 Smart Ways to Prepare Your Brick-and-Mortar Business For Christmas Sales

In many issues of LivRio over the past few years, we’ve spent a lot of time giving you tips to grow your online floral business. We know that online shopping is here to stay and only getting bigger. However, Christmas isn’t just about online shopping! This time of year, people head to the stores in droves, and that’s particularly true now that we’re able to get out and about more. Following are seven proven marketing ideas to help you bring more of that Christmas business into your store.

1. Be Thorough with Inventory Planning

Work out what products to offer this season by checking last year’s holiday sales and what’s currently selling well (the past two to three months). If certain flowers were popular last year or are selling now, make sure they’re part of your Christmas inventory. However, you don’t want to only focus on what HAS sold — you also want to ensure you’re aligning with current floral trends to keep on top of customer demand. If you have questions about what’s trending, check out some of our past issues or our blog.

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