Belcampo Meat Co. Releases Third-Party Nutritional Data

OAKLAND, Calif.–Belcampo, pioneer of hyper-sustainable, organic, grass-fed and -finished, and Certified Humane meats, broths, and jerky, just released its new third-party verified nutrition data certifying that its meats deliver significantly better nutrition than conventionally-raised animals as well as those not fed grass their full lives. The data shows that all of Belcampo’s meats contain high protein density while its beef contains an optimal Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio, and its pork and poultry contain healthy monounsaturated fat levels. As a leader in regeneratively-farmed meat that is better for people, animals and the planet, Belcampo’s recent findings also suggest that not all 100% grass-fed beef and pasture-raised meats are created equal. Belcampo has committed to providing nutrition data on a quarterly basis as part of its commitment to deliver full transparency to consumers about the quality and nutrition of its pastured meat.

“There are many existing studies showing that pasture-raised meats are nutritionally superior; however, the term ‘grass-fed’ can still mean the animals are finished on grain at the end of their lives, which negatively alters the nutritional makeup of the fats in the meats before they make it to consumers’ plates,” said Anya Fernald, co-founder of Belcampo. “This new data is really exciting for us because it clearly and scientifically demonstrates why it’s critical that animals are raised and fed on pastures for their entire lives. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids ratios are extremely important for our bodies since they fight off inflammation, decrease the risk of high blood pressure and are proven cancer-fighters, so we’re proud to openly share with our consumers that when they eat Belcampo, they’re truly getting the best possible nutrition to support optimal health.”

According to the new data, Belcampo’s beef averages a 1:1.2 Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio, which is the same as wild elk tested by the company, while conventionally raised beef have a ratio up to 1:30. This optimal ratio is important since most American diets are much higher in Omega-6 fatty acids, so Belcampo’s meats contain healthy fats that are actually good for the body and balance out these essential nutrients. Belcampo also tested other 100% grass-fed beef labels finding ratios averaging about 1:12, further demonstrating that the green grass finishing used for Belcampo’s beef creates meaningfully different Omega ratios. In addition to its beef, Belcampo’s pasture-raised chicken contains 20% higher protein and 10 times the collagen per serving than conventional chicken while being lower in total fat as a result of raising chickens slowly and naturally on pasture. Belcampo’s pastured pork also has 25 times the amount of Omega-3s of conventional pork with a ratio of 2:1 saturated to unsaturated fats to create a nutrient-dense balance.

Beyond the nutrition benefits of Belcampo’s meats, its regenerative agriculture techniques send nutrients and goodness back into the land, which makes for a successful sustainability-driven life cycle from land to animal to person. As a climate-positive company, Belcampo’s carbon removals from its regenerative grazing practices exceed the carbon emissions from its operations and supply chain as calculated per The GHG Protocol Corporate Standard. The company uses animal rotation on diverse pastures based on herd size and plant growth cycles to cultivate healthy soil, capture carbon from the environment, and limit its impact on watershed. Testing completed by the Soil Carbon Coalition in 2013 and again in 2019, showed that the base levels of soil carbon (meaning carbon sequestered or stored in the soil) on Belcampo’s farm increased at an average of 19.22% based on 15 sample sites over a 6-year period. This is positive proof that Belcampo is building healthy, fertile soils that don’t just sustain, but regenerate the soil and fuel all living things.

Belcampo is on a mission to revolutionize the meat industry for the well-being of people, the planet, and animals by building a supply chain that produces meat with Certified Humane, regenerative, and climate-positive farming practices resulting in healthier meat products. Belcampo’s animals are raised on its own USDA Certified Organic farms in California (on 30,000 acres of pristine farmland) using Certified Humane and regenerative farming techniques, and from the farmers in its partner farm program. Through this program, the partner farms are given the tools, education, and market opportunities to transition to a more sustainable, humane and regenerative model of agriculture, including Certified Humane animal handling and processing, and USDA Organic Certification. All of Belcampo’s animals are processed onsite at its own USDA-inspected, Certified Humane facility that integrates a strict coding system allowing full traceability from animal birth to butchery to your plate.

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About Belcampo

Belcampo is the pioneer of hyper-sustainable, organic, grass-fed and -finished, Certified Humane meats, broths, and jerky, with a mission to revolutionize the meat industry for the wellbeing of people, the planet, and animals. Available online through Belcampo’s direct-to-consumer website with shipping nationwide, and in select grocery stores, all of Belcampo’s meats, including both popular and untraditional cuts, are harvested from grass-fed and -finished herds, and pasture-raised flocks of heritage-breed hogs, sheep, cattle, and poultry. Every animal is processed at the company’s multi-species Certified Humane and USDA Certified butchery located in Yreka, Calif. Belcampo products are available online, in select retailers, and in its restaurants and butcher shops. For more information, visit or connect on TwitterInstagram or Facebook.