Fruit World Sets the Stage for a Promising Stone Fruit Season

Kicking Off With A Strong Organic Supply

Reedley, CA — Fruit World, a fresh and creative produce company renowned for its vibrant flavors and bold colors, has announced a strong start and an abundant supply of organic stone fruit this season. Fruit World is poised to offer retailers and wholesalers substantial volumes nationwide as the early season kicks off.

Focusing on premium organic stone fruit, Fruit World strives for consistent taste and quality. “This season, our organic apricots and sweet cherries take center stage, showcasing their most abundant volumes yet, arriving three weeks ahead of last year,” shared Cindy Richter, Director of Sales at Fruit World.

The season will start with apricots from Blossom Hill, a multi-generational, pollinator-friendly family farm. Promising strong volumes expected to ship through the end of June, organic and conventional apricots will be available in multiple pack styles, including 100% recyclable packaging, staying true to their eco-conscious ethos. Fruit World will also ship early-season Dreamcot and Solcots out of Reedley for the first two to three weeks in May.

Recognized for providing some of the earliest organic cherries and apricots in the market, Fruit World is well-prepared for spring promotions. Cindy stated, “With California’s famed ‘banana belt’ microclimate, our stone fruit experienced perfect weather for pollination and ideal growing conditions, resulting in a robust supply.” Early organic sweet cherry varieties such as Tioga, Lynn, Hazel, and Coral have experienced a full fruit set, and some have already started to color up. The recent rain is expected to have had a minor effect on the supply, but nothing that Fruit World expects to have a substantial impact.

“All of these factors have aligned to create a strong apricot and cherry program that will be on schedule to meet the needs of spring promotions, notably the Memorial Day surge in demand,” shared Cindy.

Kick off your spring programs with Fruit World. Contact our sales team today to learn more about our offerings and to set up your spring programs. Visit our website at for more information.

About Fruit World

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