Health-Conscious Brands Unite for Mission for Nutrition 2022

Orlando, Fla. – During the month of March, Healthy Family Project aligned with health-conscious brands and more than 400 retail dietitians at 52 retailers as well as school nutrition directors in more than 100 schools for this year’s annual Mission for Nutrition. The digital, in-store, and in-school program focused on the importance of eating nutritious foods and the value of meal planning reaching more than 219 million consumers in March. 

A resource kit filled with health-focused items from Healthy Family Project as well as Mission for Nutrition partners was shipped to retail dietitians and school nutrition directors in mid-February. The kit included a mini magazine published by Healthy Family Project featuring internationally inspired recipes and a shopping list featuring partners. The magazine reached 22,000 shoppers and 5,000 students over the course of the month. 

“We felt confident adding school nutrition directors to our Mission for Nutrition efforts this year after several years of positive results with retail dietitians,” said Trish James, vice president at Healthy Family Project. “this was a very natural addition to the program as we recognized the resources created for retail dietitans could also make an impact in nutrition education in schools,.” 

Brand partners donated $12,000 to the Foundation for Fresh Produce to increase accessibility to fruits and vegetables in schools and include Crispy Green®, Taylor Farms®, Envy Apples™and Jazz Apples™ by Oppy, Nature Fresh Farms, Shuman Farms RealSweet® Onions, and True Made Foods®. 

Mission for Nutrition’s social media impressions totalled more than 17 million with initiatives including a Live Facebook cooking class, Twitter party, regular giveaways, video on Instagram and Tik Tok, and sharing of recipe content throughout the month.

In March, visitors to could download a free digital copy of the mini magazine and access an additional 600 registered dietitian-approved recipes. Additional marketing efforts around Mission for Nutrition included targeted e-newsletters, influencer outreach and promotion on The Healthy Family Project podcast

Retail dietitians were encouraged throughout the month to share their in-store events and displays using the kit components for a chance to win a $1,000 continued education scholarship. This year’s winner is Julianne Gallo, registered dietitian at ShopRite of Lodi, NJ. 

“We know the impact retail dietitians can make in a shopper’s purchase decisions and the health of their communities,” continued James. “We are excited to offer this continued education scholarship again this year to support ongoing advancement in this space.” 

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