From Donuts to Cakes: the Fermentation Trend Sweeps the Patisserie Industry

The fermentation food trend is massive. With foods such as kimchi, kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha and of course sourdough, we see the most fermentation in the savory foods and drinks categories. But the trend hasn’t reached its peak yet.

60% of consumers are looking for new food experiences according to our Taste Tomorrow global consumer research. So that offers a lot of opportunities for forward thinking pastry chefs that are using fermented products in their patisserie. And they get a great head start, since the fermented food and drinks market is expected to grow by $533 million through 2026, according to Technavio. 

Find out how fermented foods are used for pastry below, where we share some inspiring examples as well.


The application of fermentation in the kitchen is thousands of years old. The technique was used to preserve food so it could be kept longer. Natural bacteria are responsible for the fermentation process. They feed on the sugars and carbohydrates present in food and in the process the food gets acidified, thus preventing ‘bad’ bacteria that spoil foods from growing. This also brings a change in flavor and texture. Existing flavors are amplified and get more depth, but new flavors arise too.

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