Flowers: A Positive Solution to the Effects of Social Distancing

A few months ago, the term “social distancing” was relatively unknown; now, it’s a permanent part of everyone’s vocabulary. Social distancing brings with it a host of mental, physical, and emotional effects, from fear and anxiety to boredom to anger and frustration. These feelings aren’t going away any time soon.  Still, there is a way to help alleviate this “staying inside all day” fatigue: Flowers.

Multiple studies have proven the beneficial effects of flowers on a person’s wellbeing. Here are just a few of the ways that flowers can be a positive solution in these days of social distancing:

Stress Reduction

The fragrance and appearance of flowers have been proven to relax stressed nerves, lower heart rate, and improve a person’s mood. With so much stress and anxiety happening over job losses, distance from loved ones, and potential illness, there is no better time than now for people to have flowers in every room. While life seems to be in a constant state of “crazy,” flowers can bring a much-needed moment of calm.

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