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   FloraPatch Sleeves To Reshape The Fresh Cut Industry
by Temkin International, Inc.
Posted: Thursday, September 2, 2010 at 4:14PM EDT

Temkin International, Inc. and Chrysal USA have teamed up to introduce FloraPatch Sleeves, the revolutionary preassembled sleeve and preservative combo. FloraPatch Sleeves ship with a pre-applied preservative patch, enabling buyers to save money by consolidating their sleeve and preservative orders, eliminating preservative based labor, minimizing preservative based shrink, and cutting freight costs in half. Temkin officially released the product June 23 at the International Floriculture Expo.

To apply the patch, consumers simply remove the adhesive patch from the sleeve and attach it directly to the stems, adding 1tsp. of sugar. The FloraPatch’s slow-release formula is proven to prolong vase life while keeping vase water cleaner. Each FloraPatch provides enough preservative strength for a 1 liter vase and works with all flower types.

Without the need to attach a sachet to each bouquet, preservative-based labor is eliminated and production speed/capacity is increased. In addition to enhancing production efficiency, FloraPatch Sleeves offer tremendous convenience, cutting paperwork, the number of shipments, and sleeve/preservative inventory space by 50%.

FloraPatch sleeves also provide environmental benefits. By reducing the number of shipments necessary to deliver floral packaging and preservative, Temkin FloraPatch customers can save more than 2 tons* of carbon per year. Like all Temkin sleeves, FloraPatch Sleeves are made from recyclable polypropylene #5, oxo-biodegradable materials, or compostable EarthFirst® PLA film made with Ingeo™. Printed sleeves use NAPIM certified biorenewable water-based inks.

* Based on 20 orders of 25,000 sleeves, shipped from Miami to San Diego. Calculations courtesy of www.carbonfund.org

Source: Temkin International, Inc.

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