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   Buf Creamery Savors Awards Won At The American Cheese Society Conference
by Būf Creamery
Posted: Tuesday, October 24, 2017 at 3:52PM EDT

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. - Būf Creamery, an award winning cheese and yogurt creamery, was awarded ribbons by the prestigious American Cheese Society (ACS) at the 34th Annual American Cheese Society Conference held in Denver, Colorado. The event included 2024 different cheeses, 40 expert judges and 1400 attendees.

Būf Creamery was founded in 2014 in Colombia, South America and has been winning awards ever since. It is no wonder since Būf is the freshest available free-range, grass-fed mozzarella di bufala in the U.S. market.  Būf is the only certified USDA organic water buffalo mozzarella producer in the US (continent).

Founder and CEO Alejandro Gomez Torres said, "These prizes mean a lot for our team and for our company. Every Team Member in Colombia was streaming the Ceremony of awards sharing the excitement with their families. This is not only a recognition of our high quality products but of our Team effort to differentiate and maintain our leadership in Water Buffalo dairy production for the continent."

Būf Creamery Products

Būf Creamery offers three award-winning cheeses for the US market.

·      Mozzarella is rich and creamy and comes in 3 different sizes. #1 winner for best Mozzarella in 2016 by the American Cheese Society.

·      Burrata has a fresh mozzarella encasing with a distinctly softer, separate curd and cream.Winner 2017 from the American Cheese Society.

·      Ricotta is a fine, semi-sweet cheese that's made from the whey residue of the cheese. Delicious with a lighter texture. Winner 2017 from the America Cheese Society.

"It is very satisfying to be on the podium for a second year in a row. So far three of our products have earned an award at ACS, we look forward to Pittsburgh where our energy and motivation will bring interesting results for Būf." Said Alejandro after receiving the awards.


Būf Creamery is excited to be introducing its premier line of grass-fed, free-range water buffalo yogurt to the US market.  The yogurts are created with farm fresh water buffalo milk and are naturally thick and creamy. Lactose free, additive free, and free of cows milk proteins.

Andean Plain Pure grass-fed water buffalo milk cultured to a creamy, tangy perfection.

Andean Honey A creamy, naturally thick yogurt with the addition of a honey harvested from wild flowers in the Colombian mountains

About the Water Buffalo at BŪF Creamery

Water Buffalo have called the mountains of Colombia home for many years. Colombia contains over 800,000 of them - one of the highest concentrations in the world. Water buffalo are well suited to rugged and humid environments making the Colombian mountains perfect.

Buf Creamery believes that great grass produces great cheese. The lush grass of the Colombian Andes combined with fresh air creates the foundation for the dairy. The condition of the buffalo is directly linked to the quality of the dairy. By keeping the buffalo relaxed in their natural environment, the cheese tastes better.

The buffalo are free to roam their entire life. They are never confined and only under a shelter during the milking process. Buffalo naturally eat grass and Būf believes that it's best to keep it this way. This means we keep everything natural. From our experience, keeping the calveswith their mother is the most sustainable way to raise water buffalo. Buf uses no hormones, pesticides, or GMO's.

To Learn more about Būf Creamery

Please visit for more information.

Source: Būf Creamery

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