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   112 New Studies Point To One Recommendation: Eat More Whole Grains
by Oldways Whole Grains Council
Posted: Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 3:55PM EDT

It’s no small feat recruiting participants who are willing and able to eat exactly what you tell them for weeks, if not years, in the name of nutrition research. For this reason, long-term randomized controlled trials are not easy to come by in the nutrition world. But thanks to the hard work of researchers across the globe, we actually have a wealth of evidence about which foods and eating patterns are effective at preventing disease.

Take heart disease and whole grains, for example. In a 2016 British Medical Journal review of more than 115,000 men and women followed for 24-28 years, scientists found that replacing just 1% of calories from saturated fat with the same amount of calories from whole grains is linked with a 6% lower risk of heart disease. Similarly, another British Medical Journal analysis of 45 studies (ranging from 245,012 to 705,253 participants each) found that people who ate the most whole grains had a 16-21% lower risk of heart disease compared to people who ate the least, and that a 90g increase in whole grain foods per day (about 3 servings) was linked with a 19-22% lower risk of heart disease.

Clinical trials support this relationship, as whole grain diets are shown to reduce LDL “bad” cholesterol, a known risk factor for heart disease. In fact, the relationship between whole grains and heart health is so strong, that since 2005, the famously cautious U.S. FDA has allowed oat and barley foods to claim that they reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

To read the rest of the story, please go to: Oldways Whole Grains Council

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