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   Vitala Foods Hatches New Free Bird Eggs 
by Vitala Foods
Posted: Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at 4:06PM EDT

Abbotsford, B.C. – Consumers can now taste a little freedom with the launch of Free Bird Eggs ™, a new line of vitamin D fortified, free range eggs. Produced by Vitala Foods in Abbotsford, Free Bird Eggs are the only free-range eggs on the market to contain 100% of the daily dose of vitamin D in a single egg.

“At Vitala Foods, we believe in creating a win-win situation where we take special care of our animals, and in return, they produce some pretty special products,” said Helinda Vanderkooi, Partner at Vitala Foods. “We are excited to see that consumers are embracing our approach to animal care.”

Studies show more British Columbians are concerned about the welfare of farm animals like egg-laying hens and that the demand for traceable, whole food options is on the rise across the country. Free Bird farmers employ the highest standards of free-range farming methods to give their hens the best quality of life. Free Bird hens live in enriched, cage-free, free range barns that are well lit, spacious, and offer unlimited access to grass pastures outside. They are also fed an all natural, vegetarian, vitamin D supplemented diet to produce the only eggs on the market to have 100% of the required daily intake of vitamin D in a single egg.

Research indicates that as many as two-thirds of Canadians are at risk of vitamin D deficiency, especially in the winter months. Vitamin D deficiency is caused by low levels of sunlight absorption and causes higher risks of cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, kidney disease, obesity, and depression. Health Canada recommends 200 to 600 International Units (IU) of vitamin D a day but many health experts claim up to 3,000 IU a day can be beneficial for many Canadians during the winter months. Free Bird Eggs have 200 IU of vitamin D in a single egg, while a typical egg has about 27 IU.

Free Bird Eggs are produced by Vitala Foods in partnership with local egg farmers who specialize in free range farming methods that promote the humane treatment of farm animals. Distribution partners in B.C. are Golden Valley Foods, Dean Milkman Delivery and Star Egg in Saskatchewan.

Consumers can find the bright red Free Bird egg cartons featuring Free Bird’s mascot “Freeda”, a happy Free Bird hen in the egg sections at select B.C. grocery stores including T & T Supermarkets in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey and Coquitlam; Nature’s Pickin’s and Lepp Farm Market in Abbotsford; Lee’s Market in Langley, Osaka in Richmond and West Vancouver, and Ora in Coquitlam. Free Bird Eggs are also available at Real Canadian Superstores in Saskatoon, Regina, Yorkton, Prince Albert and Moosejaw, Saskatchewan. The full list of Free Bird grocery retailers is available online at

Interviews and product samples are available upon request. High-resolution product and lifestyle images are available to download here

Free Bird Eggs are a new line of free range; vitamin D fortified eggs from Vitala Foods that are produced by healthy hens cared for by compassionate local farmers. Free Bird farmers use free range farming methods and adhere to the highest standards of animal welfare to ensure their hens are humanely treated and have the highest quality of life. Free Bird hens are fed a proprietary all-natural vitamin D enriched feed to produce superior free-range eggs with 100% of the daily recommended dose of vitamin D in a single egg. For more information, visit

Based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Vitala Foods is a natural food company with a vision and passion to bring healthy, traceable, whole foods to the world, including milk, yoghurt and eggs. Vitala prides itself on managing the value chain from feed and farm to food like no other company. Vitala believes it is what’s on the inside that counts, which is why they partner with farmers to provide superior quality feed to produce the healthiest food products for consumers across Western Canada. Vitala is also a strong advocate for the humane treatment of animals. The company partners with farmers that practice compassionate farming methods that support the highest quality of animal welfare. Vitala products are naturally high in essential nutrients such vitamin D thanks to their specially formulated feed, making their dairy and egg products some of the healthiest in the world. For more information, visit

Source: Vitala Foods

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