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   Earthbound Farm Introduces Three Extraordinary New Blends & More At PMA Fresh Summit
by Earthbound Farm
Posted: Thursday, October 11, 2018 at 9:13AM EDT

SAN JUAN BAUTISTA, CALIF. -- Flavor, variety, versatility, beauty, texture, and nutrient density in myriad colors take center stage with Earthbound Farm’s three organic new blends: Rosé, Mighty Spinach, and Red Baby Butter:

  • Rosé Blend: a blend of red lettuces with crisp tender texture and just a mild bite (lolla rosa, red oak, red tango, red baby butter, radicchio). Earthbound Farm has been working with its seed partners for several years to develop these multi-leaf varieties in terms of flavor, texture, and efficient harvesting. The mix is similar to spring mix but features slightly sturdier leaves with a little crunch and can stand up to many different types of dressing. Visually, it makes a beautiful plate with different shades of red, accented with green. When all things rosé are more popular than ever, it’s a healthy way to rosé all day.
  • Mighty Spinach Blend: a versatile mix of powerhouse greens that delivers a slightly earthy flavor profile along with nutrient density (spinach, bok choy, pak choi, tat soi). Mighty Spinach offers flavor forward, dark green nutrients today’s health-seeking consumers crave. It's a multi-tasking product as salad, smoothie, or in sautéed or braised dishes.
  • Red Baby Butter Blend:  offers everything that makes butter lettuces so popular, with a beautiful red blush and a slightly crisper texture than mature butter lettuce – all in bite-size leaves.

“We love delicious organic food -- especially veggies and greens,” said Nathalie Fontanilla, VP Marketing, Research and Innovation. “It is why Earthbound Farm tinkers and explores as we develop new organic products. But, even more important than that, we listen to the people who are buying our products. What do they want? What would make their lives simpler and tastier? It's why we grow and pack organic fresh salads. Earthbound Farm has always done this, starting with originating prewashed, packaged spring mix to introducing baby arugula and baby kale to the category.”  

In addition to the new salad blends, Earthbound Farm will be featuring its expanded line of all-organic commodity vegetables, featuring recent additions Baby Bok Choy and Cabbage as well as longtime favorites like broccoli, cauliflower, and broccolette. 

“We want to make it simple and satisfying for our customers to have a high-quality, well-rounded organic produce program that delivers what their shoppers are seeking – fresh organic produce that goes beyond the ordinary,” said Tim Youmans, VP of Commodities and National Accounts. “No one else is better equipped to provide that one-stop-shop organic solution.” 

“Getting innovation back on the table is fundamental for us and for our retail partners,” said Earthbound Farm President, Deverl Maserang. “And so is having a robust organic commodity program. It’s all an important part of our heritage and our connection to the consumers that have nurtured us through the years.” 

Earthbound Farm Organic Rose’, Mighty Spinach, and Baby Red Butter Blends are all available in 5-ounce clamshells with a suggested retail price of $3.99. 

About Earthbound Farm

Earthbound Farm is a Certified B Corporation® and a unit of Danone North America. It is one of North America’s heritage organic brands and one of the largest growers of organic produce. Founded in 1984 on 2½-acres in Carmel Valley, California by Drew & Myra Goodman, Earthbound Farm grew from that small local farm to become one of the first large scale organic vegetable farms by partnering with third-generation conventional farmers who converted land and learned to farm organically while bringing efficient farming practices to organic farming. It is a company built on the social, economic, and environmental benefits of organic.

About Danone North America

Danone North America is a Certified B Corporation business unit of Danone and operates in the U.S. from headquarter offices in White Plains, NY and Broomfield, CO.  Danone North America was formed as a Public Benefit Corporation in 2017 to nourish people, communities and the world through its diverse portfolio of healthful dairy- and plant-based products, coffee creamers and beverages. Its portfolio of brands includes: Activia®, DanActive®, Danimals®, Dannon®, Danonino®, Danone®, Earthbound Farm®, Horizon Organic® premium dairy products, International Delight® coffee creamers and iced coffee, Light & Fit®, Oikos® Greek yogurt, Silk® plant-based foods and beverages, So Delicious® Dairy Free, Vega® and Wallaby® Organic. The mission of the Company is to bring health through food to as many people as possible. For more information, please visit

Source: Earthbound Farm

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